The System

We reinvented shaving so you can have an OH YEAH! shave every day. 

The system consists of the Moose creamer, pods, and the app. This is how it works:


The Creamer

The Moose creamer is a hot shaving cream maker that melts and warms a pod of your choice into the perfectly textured shaving cream. It will give you the best, most decadent, and indulgent shave of your life (why not do it every day, because you can, if you want.) 

It feels great, it smells great. You and your face will love it!


The Pods

Each dissolvable pod turns into a full cup of warm, decadent shaving cream in 60 seconds. We make Moose pods with an extra special top-secret formula that opens up pores and softens the hair. It preps your face for (one of) the best close and clean shaves you’ve ever had. 

All you need to do is pop the pod in and push the button. 

And, there’s a pod for every type of skin. 

  • Classic

This thick and silky shaving cream contains a decadent blend of coconut, olive, and hemp oil extracts. The crisp, earthy fragrance will tantalize your senses, and the shave will leave you smooth, fresh, and ready to seize the day. 

  • Sensitive 

Our sensitive shaving cream is crafted with an alluring mix of oatmeal and green tea. It locks in moisture and protects even the most sensitive skin from irritation. It’s the perfect boost to get your day going with baby soft skin and a bounce in your step. 

  • Moisturizing 

An all-natural shaving cream infused with the richness of Argan oil and the regenerative qualities of shea butter. You’ll fall in love with this ultra-nourishing cream as you leave dryness behind and welcome the day with soft, hydrated skin. 


The App

The Moose creamer is a cloud-connected device. When you download the handy Moose app, it makes your shaving experience even better and easier. The app allows you to personalize and control the shaving cream temperature from your smart device. 

You can also set the app to order more pods at the perfect time automatically. The creamer will record your usage and keep tabs on your favorite pods. It will send you a notification when you’re about to run out, or you can set it up to send you a regular supply on a regular date. 

How it Works

Your shaving journey begins with the push of a button. It will kickstart the ultimate morning routine that will leave you feeling smooth, refreshed, and ready to tackle anything the day may bring you. 

1. Plug your creamer in and choose one of your favorite pods. Place it in the cup on top of the creamer.

2. Press the button to magically transform your chosen pod into warm and indulgent shaving cream.

3. Scoop the luscious, warm cream onto your face to start the best morning routine you can imagine.